Meet Ron Carter

Ron and his wife Barbara have lived in Carmel for 32 years. In his time here, Ron has helped found the Carmel Farmers Market and he was instrumental in extending the Monon through Carmel.

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On the Issues

Ron Carter believes in low taxes, sensible development and a thriving arts community. He's an advocate for bike trails, top-notch parks, historic preservation and world-class amenities.

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Get Involved

Ron spends countless hours volunteering to help his community. Now it's your chance to volunteer to help him in his mission to keep Carmel first. Sign up to knock on doors or display a yard sign.

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Keeping Carmel First

As a city council member, I have followed one overriding goal. That is we must make sure Carmel is considered; by our current residents, by those who own businesses who may be looking to locate here, and by those who work for those businesses; to be the very best place to live in the Midwest and, for that matter, one of the most desirable places in the entire United States to live, work and raise a family..

I have always felt that there were two very important ingredients to achieving that goal. The first is that we must make sure we add the amenities and services that our current residents desire and that will differentiate us from those communities with whom we are in competition for business relocation. The second important ingredient is that we must find ways to add these amenities while keeping taxes low and avoiding tax increases.

Carmel is truly one of the finest communities in the world in which to live. During my time in office I have supported the transformation of the abandoned Monon railroad into one of the top twenty-five bike trails in the US. I have supported the development and construction of Central Park and the Monon Center. I have supported the redevelopment of Old Town, as it was transformed from having a seldom-visited Main Street to a growing Arts & Design District. I wholeheartedly supported the construction of the Center for the Performing Arts, including the Palladium. I have been a staunch supporter of City Center, the Keystone project, and the maintenance of the very best in public safety services, especially fire and police.

The Carmel of today has an array of amenities that has helped us achieve our place as one of the premier communities in the US. We enjoy one of the best standards of life and, at the same time, nearly the lowest tax rate in Indiana. In short, we all are benefiting from both great vision and sound financial management.

I was first elected to City Council with the thought in mind that our city should have more parks and trails, including making the Monon into a rail trail. During my terms on Council we have increased our parkland from under fifty acres to over 1000. The Monon has been finished as well as the Hagan-Burke Trail. In addition, we now have 200 miles of multi-use path that makes it possible to ride bikes or walk throughout the community on safe pathways rather than on the streets.

As a father of three married daughters and grandfather to ten grandchildren, it is important to me to make certain we have a community that is sustainable and that will be just as nice in fifty or one hundred years as it is today. I believe the best way to do that is to have a positive vision, understand what the residents want and to then find the ways to achieve their wants and desires without raising taxes. In other words, my goal is to bring good value to you as fellow citizens of Carmel.

I am proud of the accomplishments that have been achieved during my terms as a City Council member. My wife, Barbara, and I love all that Carmel has become and all that it has to offer to both current and future residents. And the love of the community grows as we participate in our city . As one of the founders of the Carmel Farmers Markets, and its current president, I get to see and talk with a wide array of citizens about what you like and don’t like about our community. Through these encounters I find that the vast proportion of our citizens also love Carmel and what has taken place over the past two decades.. It is my hope that you will allow me to continue to serve you as one of three at-large council members so that, together, we can keep progress moving in our community. I look forward to serving with Mayor Brainard in the continuing implementation of a shared vision for Carmel.

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Donate to Support Ron's Campaign

Donate online with a credit card or mail a check to 192 Aspen Drive, Carmel, IN 46032. Checks can be made out to "Carter for Council Committee"

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