Over Two Decades of Accomplishment Through Positive Leadership

When I was first elected, I pledged to “Keep Carmel First” by focusing on the following:

• Sensible control of residential, retail and commercial growth.
• World-class planning and zoning.
• Revitalization and preservation of Old Town Carmel.
• Acquisition and development of more parks and trails.
• Acquisition and development of the Monon Trail.
• Establishment of a community center to serve all segments of our population.
… and we have followed through for the Citizens of Carmel.

Keeping promises and accomplishing even more

I’ve kept the focus on the promises I made. Through positive vision and cooperation with the Mayor, we’ve accomplished the following:
• Construction of Hazel Dell Parkway, one of the first major thoroughfares in Carmel to be built ahead of development.
• Revitalization and preservation of Old Town, which has resulted in new streets, curbs, streetlights, and sewers in what is now the Arts & Design District.
• Acquisition and development of parkland. This has resulted in a nationally accredited Gold Medal park system that has gone from just over forty acres when we took office to over one thousand acres today. Our Central Park is breathtaking and is now enjoyed by all, especially kids of all ages.
• Acquisition and development of the Monon Trail Linear Park. After seven years of work we opened the Monon to rave reviews in October 2001. Now we are one of the top Bicycle Friendly Communities in the country. At my insistence we now have over 10000 miles of mapped and marked bike routes and loops. In addition we now have the Hagan-Burke Trail … a beautiful paved trail that follows our old Interurban rail line along Cool Creek.
• Construction of new streets and roundabout intersections throughout the community.
• Development of Carmel City Center that has brought us an integrated, well-planned heart to the community, including the Palladium, the Tarkington Theater and the Studio Theater.
• Development of the Arts & Design District which has revitalized our once-sleepy Main Street by providing interesting shops, dining and homes.
• Keeping Carmel’s public safety at the top of communities throughout the Midwest
• Rebuilding of Keystone into one of the most beautiful limited access thoroughfares in the Nation.
• Development of Midtown Carmel.

Keeping Carmel First

In addition to the above, I’ve wholeheartedly voted for property tax decreases every year I have been in office. Our property taxes today are lower than they were when I came into office. We’ve been able to do this and still keep one of the strongest financial pictures in the state through prudent financial management.

Today I feel more than ever that it takes courage, positive vision and determination to successfully represent citizens and the things in which they believe. Many candidates for political office have narrow vision and no ideas of their own.

I pledge that I will continue to serve with vision and determination. I will continue to be a leader. I will stand up proudly for you and the ideas that the majority of the community want and deserve in order to Keep Carmel First.